Remix Planet [01-Apr-2024]

Alice Merton – No Roots (ZsLickHaRn 8 Bar I O) 116 BPM Cln.mp3
Amii Stewart – Knock On Wood (ZsLickHaRn 70s Dance Mix) 144 BPM Cln.mp3
Avalanche – Traveling Space (ZsLickHaRn 80s Disco Rebuild) 130 BPM Cln.mp3
Axwell and Ingrosso – Dreamer (ZsLickHaRn 8 Bar I O) 126 BPM Cln.mp3
Eamon – Fuck It (ZsLickHaRn TB-2000s Ext. Rebuild) 69 BPM Dty.mp3
Fabolous – Trade It All (ZsLickHaRn TB-2000s 8 Bar I.O) 97 BPM Cln.mp3
Fat Joe Ft. Thalia – I Want You (ZsLickHaRn TB-2000s 8 Bar I.O) 92 BPM Cln.mp3
French Montana – Unforgettable (Major Lazer Remix) (ZsLickHaRn 8 Bar Hype I O) 100 BPM Dty.mp3
Ja Rule Ft. Lloyd – Caught Up (ZsLickHaRn TB-2000s 8 Bar I.O) 99 BPM Dty.mp3
Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You (ZsLickHaRn 2000s Ext. Rebuild) 115 BPM Cln.mp3
Kygo Ft Imagine Dragons – Born To Be Yours (ZsLickHaRn Upbeat Rebuild) 120 BPM Cln.mp3
Larabell – I Cant Stop The Beat (ZsLickHaRn 80s Italo-Disco Rebuild) 128 BPM Cln.mp3
Midnight Rhythm – Workin Slavin (I Need Love) (ZsLickHaRn 70s Disco Rebuild) 128 BPM Cln.mp3
Nick Jonas Ft Robin Schulz – Right Now (ZsLickHaRn Transition) 124-104 BPM Cln.mp3
Paparazzi – Now Is The Time (ZsLickHaRn 80s Italo-Disco Rebuild) 131 BPM Cln.mp3
Roberta Kelly – Funky Stardust (ZsLickHaRn 70s Disco Rebuild) 128 BPM Cln.mp3
Shaggy Ft. Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing (ZsLickHaRn TB-2000s 8 Bar I.O) 99 BPM Cln.mp3
The Game Ft. 50 Cent – How We Do (ZsLickHaRn TB-2000s 8 Bar Hype I.O) 98 BPM Dty.mp3
Theres Nothing Holding Me Back (NOTD Remix) (ZsLickHaRn Dance Edit) 122 BPM Cln.mp3
Webo – Magic Moment (ZsLickHaRn 80s Italo-Disco Rebuild) 122 BPM Cln.mp3


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