SickMix – Latin Rap Vol. 1

A.L.T., Slow Pain – My Coupdavil Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 96.mp3
Baby Bash – Certified Freak Dirty (Edit) 97.mp3
Baby Bash – Low Key Dirty (Edit) 97.mp3
Baby Bash – No Time Outs Dirty (Intro) 103.mp3
Baby Bash – Shorty Doo Wop Clean 99.mp3
Baby Bash – Suga Suga (Intro) Clean 108.mp3
Baby Bash Jay Tee Merciless – Vamanos Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 84.mp3
Berner – 3 Mill Intro Dirty 103.mp3
Berner Ft Wiz Khalifa – Paradise Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 102.mp3
Big Gemini – Baby I Luv Dirty (Sickmix Intro) (Claen) 130.mp3
Big Gemini – Baby I Luv Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 89.mp3
Big Gemini – Hypnotized Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 90.mp3
Big Gemini – My Shawty Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 141.mp3
Big Gemini, Mc Magic – Crazy For You Clean (Sickmix Intro) 144.mp3
Brown Skin Artists – Livin’ The Life Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 90.mp3
Brownside – Life On The Street Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 99.mp3
Clika 1 – Deadly Sins Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 90.mp3
Cypress Hill – How I Could Just Kill A Man (Intro) (Clean) 102.mp3
Cypress Hill – Insane In The Brain (Intro Clean) 102.mp3
Cypress Hill – Latin Lingo (Intro Clean) 91.mp3
Cypress Hill – Latin Lingo (Intro Dirty) 91.mp3
Cypress Hill, Tim Armstrong – What’s Your Number! Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 93.mp3
Delinquent Habits – Lower Eastside Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 101.mp3
Delinquent Habits – Return Of The Tres Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 101.mp3
Deliquent Habits – Tres Deliquentes Clean Intro 100.mp3
Don Cisco, Frost, Kurupt, Soopafly – Mamacita Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 95.mp3
Down A.K.A Kilo – Everlasting Nights Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 88.mp3
Down A.K.A Kilo – Lean Like A Cholo Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 108.mp3
Funky Aztecs – Barrioism Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 77.mp3
Funky Aztecs – Chicano Blues Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 106.mp3
G’ Fellas, Frost – Lowride Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 94.mp3
Hi-C – Sitting In The Park Clean (Sickmix Intro) 88.mp3
Hispanic Mc’s – I Do Love You Clean (Sickmix Intro) (Dirty) 130.mp3
Hispanic Mc’s – I Do Love You Clean (Sickmix Intro) 93.mp3
Jay Tee Gemini – Baby Girl Clean (Sickmix Intro) 85.mp3
Jimmy Roses, Nina Cash – Who Rock The Party Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 106.mp3
Junebug Slim, Mc Magic, Zig-Zag – My Gangsta Love Clean (Sickmix Intro) 82.mp3
Jv – Nayba’ Hood Queen Clean (Sickmix Intro) 92.mp3
Kid Frost – La Familia Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 101.mp3
Kid Frost – La Raza (Intro – Clean) 107.mp3
Kid Frost – Smiling Faces Dirty (Sickmix Intro Short) 107.mp3
Kid Frost – The Volo Clean (Sickmix Intro) 110.mp3
La La – Sprung On A Thug Clean (Sickmix Intro) 97.mp3
Latino Velvet – Velvet City Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 87.mp3
Latino Velvet, Levitti – Telly Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 82.mp3
Latino Velvet, Roger – Raza Park Clean (Sickmix Intro) 92.mp3
Lighter Shade Of Brown – Hey Dj (Clean) (Intro) 100.mp3
Lighter Shade Of Brown – Homies (Intro Clean) 96.mp3
Lighter Shade Of Brown – Latin Active Clean (Sickmix Intro) 120.mp3
Lighter Shade Of Brown – On A Sunday Afternoon (Clean) (Intro) 94.mp3
Lighter Shade Of Brown – Sunny Day (Sickmix Intro Dirty) 97.mp3
Lighter Shade Of Brown – Two Lovers Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 104.mp3
Lighter Shade Of Brown, Miriah Avila – Summer Souldie Clean (Sickmix Intro) 88.mp3
Lil Rob – Bang Bang Boogie (Intro – Clean) 100.mp3
Lil Rob – Barely Getting By (Sickmix Intro Dirty) 80.mp3
Lil Rob – Bring Out The Freak In You (Intro Clean) 110.mp3
Lil Rob – Bring Out The Freak In You (Intro Dirty) 142.mp3
Lil Rob – Lemme Come Back (Intro Clean) 82.mp3
Lil Rob – Neighborhood Music Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 85.mp3
Lil Rob – Summer Nights Dirty (Intro) 87.mp3
Lil Rob – What Can I Do (Sickmix Intro Dirty) 148.mp3
Lil Rob Ft Frankie J – Slow It Down (Clean) (Sickmix Intro) 84.mp3
Malow Mac, Capone E – Crusing (Sickmix Intro) 97.mp3
Mc Blvd – Lord I Know Clean (Sickmix Intro) 95.mp3
Mc Magic – Lost In Love Clean (Sickmix Intro) 140.mp3
Mc Magic, Carolynn Rodriguez – Good Girl Clean (Sickmix Intro) 85.mp3
Mc Magic, Sophia Maria – The Only 1 Clean (Sickmix Intro) 80.mp3
Mellow Man Ace – Mentirosa Clean 113.mp3
Mr Kee – Cali Clap Intro,Clean 106.mp3
Mr Kee Baby Bash – Time Out Clean (Sickmix Intro) 98.mp3
Mr. Criminal – I Remember Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 97.mp3
Mr. Knightowl – Here Comes The Knight Owl Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 86.mp3
Mr. Lil One – Mr. Lil One Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 99.mp3
Ms Krazie – Baby Angels Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 78.mp3
Ms Krazie Ft Lil Rob – Old School Love Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 80.mp3
Ms Krazie, Mr. Knightowl – Never Let Me Go Clean (Sickmix Intro) 80.mp3
Ms. Vee & The Flava System, Vanilla C – Summertime In Cali Clean (Sickmix Intro Clean) 104.mp3
N2deep – Back To The Hotel Clean (Redrum) 100.mp3
N2deep – The Weekend Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 94.mp3
N2deep Roger Troutman – All Night Clean (Sickmix Intro) 97.mp3
N2deep, B-Legit, E-40 – V-Town Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 100.mp3
N2deep, O.D.M. – Summertime In The City Clean (Sickmix Intro) 97.mp3
Nb Ridaz – Pretty Girl Clean (Sickmix Intro) 88.mp3
Nb Ridaz, Angelina – Notice Me Clean (Sickmix Intro) 88.mp3
Nb Ridaz, Gemini – So Fly Clean (Sickmix Intro) 82.mp3
Payaso – Still My Everything Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 92.mp3
Potna Deuce – Funky Behavior (Sickmix Intro) Clean 142.mp3
Potna Deuce – Funky Behavior (Sickmix Intro) Dirty 99.mp3
Proper Dos, Royal ‘T’ – Westside Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 89.mp3
Silencer, Lil Bandit, Bizz, Playboy – If You Leave Me Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 92.mp3
Sleepy Malo, Stretch – Smile Now Clean (Sickmix Intro) 88.mp3
South Park Mexican – I Must Be High Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 81.mp3
Spanish Fly – Soy 18 With A Bullet Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 75.mp3
Squinkla, Carolyn Rodriguez, Beatriz Gonzalez – Soka (Remix) Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 96.mp3
Squinkla, Käpt’n – Chocomil Dirty (Sickmix Intro) 100.mp3
The Young Bucks – I’m Pulling Girls Clean (Sickmix Intro) 99.mp3