The Mash Up [09-Mar-2024]

310babii & Luh Tyler – Walk (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 102.mp3
450 & Weekday – Wild N Rich (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 93.mp3
50 Cent – Baby By Me (TMU Throwback Intro) (Dirty) 126.mp3
50 Cent – Big Rich Town (TMU Throwback Intro) (Dirty) 92.mp3
50 Cent – What Up Gangsta (TMU Throwback Intro) (Dirty) 82.mp3
Aespa – Drama (TMU Intro) (Clean) 131.mp3
Booty Leak & Margad – Get This Party Started (TMU Intro) (Dirty) 126.mp3
Bounty Killer Ft. Cham – Time Bomb (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 102.mp3
Braaheim, Braaten & Chrit Leaf – Call Me Up (TMU Intro) (Clean) 125.mp3
Brent Faiyaz Ft. Tommy Richman & Felix! – Upset (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 135.mp3
Bruce Melodie & Shaggy – When She’s Around (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 105.mp3
Casso, Raye & D Block Europe – Prada (Original To Oliver Heldens Remix) (TMU Flip Edit) (Dirty) 142.mp3
Gucci Mane – Must Be Me (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 93.mp3
Jack Harlow – Lovin On Me (Instrumental) (4a) 105.mp3
Jack Harlow – Lovin On Me (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 105.mp3
Jack Harlow – Lovin’ On Me (Instrumental) (4a) 105.mp3
Jack Harlow – Lovin’ On Me (TMU 8 Bar Acapella In) (Dirty) 105.mp3
Jack Harlow – Lovin’ On Me (TMU 8 Bar Acapella Out) (Dirty) 105.mp3
Jack Harlow – Lovin’ On Me (TMU Diy Acapella) (Dirty) (2a) 138.mp3
Jack Harlow – Lovin’ On Me (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 105.mp3
Janfry & Strownlex – Believe (TMU Intro) (Clean) 128.mp3
Janfry & Strownlex – Don’t Stop Believin’ (TMU Intro) (Clean) 126.mp3
Janfry, Andrea Concari & Anti – Blame (TMU Intro) (Clean) 125.mp3
Jeezy – Couldn’t Lose If I Tried (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 100.mp3
Joey Valence & Brae – Hooligang (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 95.mp3
Kcee – Tuesday (TMU Urban Intro) (Clean) 100.mp3
Ken & Scarlett – Seven Nation Army (TMU Intro) (Clean) 130.mp3
Kevin Gates Ft. Sexyy Red & Bg – Yonce Freestyle (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 77.mp3
Key Glock – One Me (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 125.mp3
Kyodi – Profit (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 90.mp3
Laa Lee Ft. Slyda – Pon A Trip (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 100.mp3
Pitbull Ft Elvis Crespo – Suave (TMU Intro) (Clean) 130.mp3
Poylow Ft Kedo Rebelle & Ivan Jamile – Airplanes (TMU Intro) (Clean) 115.mp3
Ps1 & Jex – Same Old Song (TMU 16 Bar Acapella In) (Clean) 123.mp3
Soulsearcher – Can’t Get Enough (TMU Throwback Intro) (Clean) 128.mp3
Spandau Ballet – Gold (TMU Throwback Intro) (Clean) 142.mp3
Spice – Bruk Ou (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 102.mp3
Spice Girls – 2 Become 1 (TMU Throwback Intro) (Clean) 144.mp3
Starley – Call On Me (Ryan Riback Remix) (TMU Intro) (Clean) 105.mp3
Stereophonics – Dakota (TMU Throwback Intro) (No Outro) (Clean) 147.mp3
Steve Miller Band – Abracadabra (TMU Throwback Intro) (No Outro) (Clean) 128.mp3
Sugababes – Freak Like Me (TMU Throwback Intro) (Clean) 92.mp3
Suicidal Idol – Ecstacy (Slowed) (TMU Intro) (Dirty) 106.mp3
Veeze – Gomd (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 145.mp3
Victony Ft. Babyboy Av – Jaga Jaga (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 103.mp3
Victoria Monét – On My Mama (Instrumental) (9a) 77.mp3
Victoria Monet – On My Mama (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 77.mp3
Wamdue Project – King Of My Castle (TMU Throwback Intro) (Clean) 125.mp3
Whitney Houston – My Love Is Your Love (TMU Throwback Intro) (Clean) 82.mp3
Zoe Osama Ft. Snoop Dogg, E-40 & Moneysign Suede – Underrated (Remix) (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 102.mp3



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