The Mash Up [14-Apr-2024]

2 Chainz & Lil Wayne – Shame (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 82.mp3
310babii – Back It Up (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 100.mp3
99 Percent – Can’t Help Myself (TMU Intro) (Clean) 114.mp3
99 Percent – Never Going Back Home (TMU Intro) (Clean) 123.mp3
Able Heart – Whisper (Nander Remix) (Clean) 120.mp3
Alex Alexander & 99 Percent – Wasting Time (TMU Intro) (Clean) 95.mp3
Alex Alexander – Dopamine (TMU Intro) (Clean) 112.mp3
Alex Alexander – When Hello Means Goodbye (TMU Intro) (Dirty) 83.mp3
Alex D’rosso, Badjack, And Oceanside – Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) (TMU Intro) (Clean) 100.mp3
Alicia Keys – Lifeline (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 81.mp3
Alpha Morris – Miles Away (TMU Intro) (Clean) 136.mp3
Andy Dust, Cyril M, & Mougleta – Lucky You (TMU Intro) (Clean) 120.mp3
Anitta – Envolver (TMU Intro) (Clean) 92.mp3
Apashe Ft. Busta Rhymes – King (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 86.mp3
Arctic Monkeys – I Wanna Be Yours (TMU Throwback Intro) (Clean) 134.mp3
Ateez – Crazy Form (TMU Intro) (Clean) 119.mp3
C-Ro & Bodybangers Ft Don Bnnr – Universe In My Head (TMU Intro) (Clean) 135.mp3
Cally Rhodes – Sabotage (TMU Intro) (Clean) 124.mp3
Camila Cabello Ft Ed Sheeran – Bam Bam (TMU Intro) (Clean) 95.mp3
Charly Black & Neelah – Gwaan Bad (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 98.mp3
Cher – Dj Play A Christmas Song (TMU Intro) (Clean) 134.mp3
Chris Brown – Angel Numbers – Ten Toes (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 79.mp3
Chris Brown – Feelings Don’t Lie (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 90.mp3
Coldplay – Yellow (TMU Throwback Intro) (Clean) 87.mp3
D-Block Europe – I Need It Now (Instrumental) 82.mp3
D-Block Europe – I Need It Now (TMU Uk Urban Intro) (Dirty) 82.mp3
Delly Ranx – Don’t Come Yah Suh (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 90.mp3
Deribb – My Bambi (TMU Intro) (Clean) 98.mp3
Ding Dong – Rebel (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 106.mp3
Dj Rapture & Leftside – Slow Motion (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 89.mp3
Dj Zaro – Creepin’ (TMU Intro) (Clean) 120.mp3
Dj Zaro – Summer Jam (TMU Intro) (Clean) 150.mp3
Doroad Ft Tiny Boost – Criminal (TMU Uk Urban Intro) (Dirty) 85.mp3
Kuya & Calypso – Doctor Jones (TMU Intro) (Clean) 81.mp3
Kuya – Down Down (TMU Intro) (Clean) 146.mp3
Lana Del Rey – Say Yes To Heaven (TMU Intro) (Clean) 100.mp3
Lil Baby & Bay Swag – All Night Long (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 103.mp3
Lola Brooke Ft. French Montana – Pit Stop (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 130.mp3
Lost Ways & Prsm – Hey, Soul Sister (TMU Intro) (Clean) 105.mp3
M12 – 100k (TMU Uk Urban Intro) (Dirty) 145.mp3
Maneskin – Beggin (TMU Intro) (Dirty) 134.mp3
Maroon 5 Ft Megan Thee Stallion – Beautiful Mistakes (TMU Intro) (Clean) 99.mp3
Marthieu Koss & Bolier – Something Amazing (TMU Intro) (Clean) 123.mp3
Masicka Ft. Dexta Daps – March On (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 90.mp3
Rhino Beats – Like That (TMU Uk Urban Intro) (Dirty) 145.mp3
Rick Ross & Meek Mill – Pillow Talk (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 144.mp3
Rick Ross & Meek Mill Ft. French Montana – Millionaire Row (TMU Urban Intro) (Dirty) 143.mp3
Rimzee Ft Arrdee – The Game (TMU Uk Urban Intro) (Dirty) 146.mp3
Rosa Linn – Snap (TMU Intro) (Clean) 85.mp3
Subsoda Vs Wildchild – Can’t Get Renagade Master (Jamie Linton Mashup) (Clean).mp3